Work feels like home for Cofields at Coliseum

Graphic of Cofield siblings at Coliseum

A lot of Virginia Health Services employees will share they find working for the organization to be like family. For the Cofields, it’s literally true.

Five members of the Cofield family are also team members at Coliseum Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Angel Cofield is the business office manager, Catesha is a nurse scheduler, LaToria is a nurse aide, LaToya is MDS, and brother Dominique works in the dietary department.

Three sisters, Angel, Catesha and LaToya, have been part of the VHS family for a long time, working at James River Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and at then-Coliseum Park before its 2013 purchase by VHS.

LaToria completed the apprenticeship program to become a CNA, and is working toward her certification exam. She started in dietary before moving to laundry and housekeeping. She says she was encouraged to enroll in the earn-as-you-learn apprenticeship program to keep growing with the company.

Working together

You’d think spending so much time together, between work and home, would wear on their relationship. But all said it makes them stronger, they push each other harder to be better.

Angel and LaToria family photo
Angel and her sister

“We’re so used (to being together) it doesn’t bother us to work together too,” Angel says. “We bicker, but we push each other. We can vent to each other.”

That sentiment is echoed by family members.

“My mom raised the six of us to be close …” Catesha says. “We’re used to it. … if we get tired of each other, we just go in our room. It’s good; it don’t bother us because we’re so close.”

The pandemic pulled the team at Coliseum together as a whole, Angel says. “You get that family feel throughout the company.”

“All of my siblings have such great work ethic,” Angel says. “I admire their skills.”

Career development as a team

The support for continued education really helps VHS stand out among other companies.

“Dudley was definitely a great teacher. She’s inspirational,” Angel says.

LaToria says Coliseum Administrator Dudley Haas is encouraging her to explore options, and Catesha says she’d love to see her sister go to school to be an LPN or RN. Catesha says she also is debating going through the Administrator-in-Training (AIT) program. She was named Team Member of the Year at the facility.

“You want to stand out, you go that extra mile,” Angel says of the family being overachievers.

Catesha says it took some time for her to realize she could be a good mentor.

“I tell people that I see who have attitudes, I try to talk to them. I tell my story, how I was, and it resonates with them. It’s my purpose, I can mentor someone, even if it’s just one person I can touch,” Catesha says.

Angel was Team Member of the Year at Coliseum
Angel was Team Member of the Year at Coliseum Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. She was given her certificate by Administrator Dudley Haas.

Family ties

Angel says most of her best friends she has gotten to know through VHS.

“It’s like a family feel. I know everybody, I’ve been here forever. This is like home to me,” Catesha says.

Their family is originally from eastern North Carolina, in the Edenton area.

“We moved as a unit,” Angel says of her family. “It’s a coincidence(ish) we all wound up here.”

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