VHS Admissions Team on frontline of customer service

VHS admissions team collage 2023

Virginia Health Services’ centralized admissions team handles all incoming patients to our seven nursing and rehabilitation centers.

The team has a combined 50(ish) years of experience with Virginia Health Services. And how do they surprise the individuals they talk to daily?

“Many people are surprised that they get to talk to a human voice,” says team leader Kassie Martin.

They field about 100 (or more) phone calls a day between them. They remain professional, courteous and patient as so many of the individuals they speak with feel the stress of finding a safe place for their loved ones.

Our team members have to know how to decipher insurance information, understand medical charts and breakdown financials.

The team reads medical history and charts – and they get referrals from many sources.

It’s a challenging job to keep track of multiple individuals and where each is in the process. Once the admissions process is completed, the individual transitions to a Resident Navigator at the nursing center to onboard in person, which means our admissions team rarely meets in person those they’ve admitted.

It’s worth it. The team agrees the work they do helps contribute to the community they work in.

Thank you to our team! We can’t do it without you!

Join our team

Our centralized admissions team is looking for a coordinator who is a LPN. Visit to apply today.


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