Coliseum reopens skilled care unit with private rooms

Coliseum Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center's Monroe unit reopened Tuesday, June 22, 2021, with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Coliseum Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center reopened its Monroe unit on Tuesday morning. The wing will add 30 private rooms for skilled care. The occasion was marked by a ribbon cutting ceremony, with remarks from Virginia Health Services Vice President of Operations Don Lundin and Coliseum Administrator Dudley Haas. The ribbon was cut by the Monroe unit’s CNA.

“I’m so proud that after six or seven months, we can reopen our skilled unit and allow our staff to get back to some normalcy and be able to provide the services and the help and assistance that we need, not only to our Residents, but to our team,” Haas said.

Coliseum hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to reopen its skilled care unit.

Coliseum hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday to reopen its skilled care unit.

The dedicated skilled care unit recently got a face-lift. The Coliseum team worked hard in advance of the unit’s grand reopening, cleaning, restocking the nurses’ station and med carts, and sprucing up the rooms.

“These last several months with COVID have really taken a toll on everybody,” Lundin said, “and it’s really put all of us on the defensive to try to react to it and manage it. …

“Today is a milestone. We’re really turning a corner to put us on the offense. We’re here to recognize that and celebrate it. The entire team worked so hard to get the Monroe unit up and running again.”

Eleven current Residents made the move to the skilled unit Tuesday, their things packed up and moved overnight by Coliseum team members so the Residents’ rooms were ready ahead of their arrival.

Haas shared with the gathered crowd that her team is why she comes in to work every day.

“I’m proud of everyone in this building who come together as a team for everything that comes up,” she said.


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