“After my father’s stroke this summer, Betsie and I realized he needed long term care. We fell in love immediately with the staff and home-like atmosphere at The Newport. They keep us well informed and are so friendly that we consider them to be our extended family. My mom is also now at The Newport, making us very happy that our parents can be together. The level of care they receive is top notch. The Newport is fantastic, we couldn’t be more pleased.”

Betsie and William Clary

“My mother resided at The Arbors in Port Warwick for five years and reached a point when she needed more care. We heard wonderful things about Northampton Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center and decided it was the perfect fit for my mom. She is extremely happy with her surroundings and nursing staff. Just knowing she is well taken care of gives me a sense of comfort. If I need to travel, I feel confident that I can do so without having to worry. We couldn’t be more pleased with the level of care at Northampton Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center.

Catherine Koch

The Lancashire was our first choice when my mom needed additional care. Our family couldn’t be more pleased with the excellent staff and high level of care she receives here. When my mom was younger she lived a very active lifestyle and enjoyed dancing, church and her women’s club, which is why she enjoys being involved in the daily activities at The Lancashire. I feel secure knowing she is respected and well treated. She truly “has it made” at The Lancashire and her happiness means a great deal to me.”

Capt. Woody Robertson

“I have been a resident at York Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center for 6 years. I feel so grateful to be here, as I receive exceptional nursing care from the friendly staff. There are many aspects I enjoy such as the daily activities, delicious meals, and comfortable atmosphere. I feel very fortunate to have York Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center as my new home and am lucky to have met such wonderful people I now call family.”

Lucille Sproull

“My dad has been at Walter Reed Convalescent for 6 years now. I knew right away it was the right place for him. Our family couldn’t be happier with the level of care he receives. My dad’s favorite pastime was playing baseball. Our strong bond was a big factor in my decision to play college baseball at CNU and to become a high school softball coach. I visit my “pop”, every morning and have gotten to know the staff very well. I know that pop is happy and is in a comforting atmosphere. I often recommend Walter Reed Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center to friends and aquaintances. It is a tremendously caring place.”

David “Red” Lindsay

“Following my mother’s fall, our family decided Northampton Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center was the right place for her recovery and therapy needs. When my mom arrived her health was declining and we were all concerned. The excellent nursing care she has received not only helped her tremendously but has truly made a difference and her spirits have been lifted. She loves the food and looks forward to her physical therapy. We are grateful for Northampton Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center.”

George Monfalcone

“My mom was a resident at York Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center. As a rose gardener and judge I am very particular about both interior and exterior appearances. York gets my Blue Ribbon in both categories! The staff and medical care as very competent and compassionate. Two years later, my father broke his hip and York was again our first choice for his care.”

Joy Long

“The Newport was our first choice, after my mother-in-law suffered a heart attack. She was a very independent woman and initially, did not like the idea of leaving her home. Once we all realized that she needed special care, The Newport proved to be a perfect fit. The nurses were readily available and always attentive. The atmosphere kept her spirits high, especially during the holidays. The excellent care that my mother-in-law received gave us a peace of mind and we are very appreciative.”

Dr. Calvin R. White

“I came to James River Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center for rehabilitation following my hospital stay. The care I received from the staff was outstanding. I couldn’t have been happier with their attention to all of my needs. I’m very thankful to all of the staff. I really think that it’s miraculous that I’m already back doing the things that I loved to do before.”

Helen Tiedeken